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Marine Division-On-site

- Machining of crank shaft journal I.D’s
- Machining of entablature land areas
- Boring of water jacket I.D’s and installing sleeves
- Machining of oil pump bases on machine engine block
- Machining of turbine bases
- Turning shafts and machining back to a standard size
- Welding shafts then turning to bring back to original size
- Repairs to all flanges and valves
- Steam engine repairs-Line boring, rings, duplex pumps, complete overhaul, ect..
- Honing up to 28” I.D
- Laser alignment of couplings, machine alignment, leveling pads
- If it’s too costly to remove please phone us for a on-site machining quote

Portable Machining
Portable Machining
On site Machining