List of Equipment, 2008

1. Atlas Portable Mill-

72 inch bed with a 32 inch cross-slide.  This will machine a 72 inch x 50 inch area.  Height from bottom of bed to top of cutter is 29 ½ inch “retracted”.

2. O.T.R.M. Portable Mills

108 inch bed x 36 inch cross- slide. (2 units)
108 inch bed x 18 inch cross- slide. (1 unit)
84 inch bed x 28 inch cross- slide.   (1 unit)
60 inch bed x 36 inches cross-slide. (1 unit)
40 inch bed x 10 inch cross-slide     (1 unit)
Many other combinations of mills down to 6 inches long to suit your needs.
Units are electric and hydraulic.

3. Bore Tech Welding System
I.D. welding of bores from 2 - 60 inches or larger.                          

4. Key Cutter

Model KM65 -Cuts keyways on ¾ inch O.D. shafts up to 12 inch O.D.(2 units)

Model KM6000 -Cuts keyways on 5” O.D. or larger shafts.  Can cut up to 3 ½ inch wide keyway.  
Model KM4000 - Cuts keyways on 7” O.D. shafts or larger.  Can cut up to 4 ¼  inch  wide keyway
Units can be modified to suit application.  

5. B & D Portable Boring Bar

Will bore holes from 1 ¼ inch up to 30 inches.  With special set ups, it can bore up to 40 inches, but length of bore is limited.  Ideal for boring journals, heavy equipment, short blind holes…very versatile.  (2 units)

6. Climax 2 ¼ inch Boring Bar (BB5000)

Will bore from 2 ½ inch to 40 inches.  Can be used for internal threading, deep bore drilling, cutting tappers, internal grooves.  (2 units)

7. O.T.R.M. 3 ½ inch Portable Boring Bar

This will bore holes from 7 to 55 inches I.D.’s, Cut tappers, grooves. (1 unit)

8. O.T.R.M. Small Portable Boring Bar

For very restricted areas.  Able to carry in one hand.  Has a 1 inch bar which can be modified for almost any small hard to get places.

9. Climax Journal Squirrel

Turns shafts from 3 inch O.D. to 11 ½ inch O.D. x 22 inch reach.  Can be modified for special jobs.  As well, modified for O.D. Threading.

10. O.T.R.M. Journal Squirrel

Can turn shafts up to 24 inch O.D. x 34 inch long.  Will also convert to a O.D. Mount Flange Facer.  Will also mount on shafts or flanges up to 22 inch O.D.  Will face from centre line out to O.D.  Can customize to go up to 30 inch O.D.

11. Climax Jounal Squirrel  

(model PL-2000) - 1 ½ inch O.D. to 9 inches O.D.

12. Milwakee Mag Base Drills

(2 units)                 

13. Flange Facers     

One O.D. mount unit up to 11 inches O.D.
One O.D. mount unit up to 22 inches O.D.
Tri Tool flange facer, pipe dresser.  Will go from 5/8 inch I.D. to 14 inches O.D.   
Climax Flange Facer (model-5000) I.D. mount. Will go from 5 inch I.D. to 24 inches I.D.                                    
Climax Flange Facer (model FF40) I.D. mount. Will go from 14 inches I.D. to 60 inches  I.D.
Can go larger with other units-up to 20 feet in diameter. 

14. Pipe Clam Shell

Tri-Tool, up to 24 inches or larger.  Used to sever pipes, weld, prep, or flange facing.

15. Morse Taper Lamina Drill

Drilling and taping up to 3 inches

16. Combi-Laser Alignment system

Lining of couplings, shouting of flatness and straightness and more.

17. Wild M-3 Precision Level.

18. O.T.R.M. Drilling and Boring Machine
Can drill up to 3 inch I.D. and bore up to 6 inch I.D.; tap up to 3 ½ inch I.D. (2 units)

We can supply other portable equipment for almost any application.  Other examples of our  work,  deep bore drilling up to 70 inches or more in depth;  internal and external threading; machining of press beds; machining of crank shaft journal I.D.’s; resurfacing of water or steam valve seats and flanges; recutting of keyways, “T” slots, motor pads...etc.;repairs to cracks in steel  or cast iron; removal of studs; reboring and honing of coupling bores on board ships, turbines, We can turn large diameter shafts with our rollers and hydraulic turning gear, eg. 3 Ft shaft with a 32 inch journal area that needed machining  and polishing.

We also build U.V. units for sewage and water treatment.

All tooling and equipment will be charged.